Dr. Gary Newton is available to speak, teach, preach, or lead seminars on a wide variety of topics anywhere in the US or Canada.

Some of the events he has spoken at include:

  • Children and Youth Camps
  • Christian Ministry or Christian Education Conferences
  • Teacher Training Seminars and Workshops
  • Leadership Seminars
  • Children’s, Youth, and Family Conferences

Some of the topics he has spoken on include:

  • Heart-Deep Teaching – geared to children, youth, and/or adults ( Based on my book of the same title)
  • Motivation of Volunteers (Based upon research from my PhD. Dissertation)
  • Growing Toward Spiritual Maturity- (Based upon his book of the same title)
  • The Equipping Role of the Pastor or Youth Pastor
  • Family-Based Church Ministry
  • Inter-Generational Ministry (Based upon my chapter in New Directions in Small Group Ministry)
  • Small Groups
  • Developing a Philosophy of Ministry
  • Mentoring Strategies
  • Community Outreach Strategies
  • Building Disciples of Christ
  • The Church as the Major Agency of Discipleship
  • Starting a Community Club Ministry for At-Risk Children
  • Starting a Youth Center for At-Risk Teens

Contact Information

Gary C. Newton
Upland, Indiana